When Bowie Broke the Internet

The many alter egos that were David Bowie remain an enigma to us all and even himself. In a 1999 interview with Jeremy Paxman, a renowned journalist for the BBC, Bowie broke down several enigmas and predictions that had yet to be confirmed. Before watching this interview, I too, felt I had much left toContinue reading “When Bowie Broke the Internet”

20th Century Women vs. 21st Century Women

The constant itch we feel in isolation as we try not to sit idle in our homes. Thoughts of working out, daily walks, house cleaning and healthy snacks keep talking in our heads. Truthfully, what’s in your hand(s) right now? Are you taking more time to check Twitter or Facebook for tangents and retweets thanContinue reading “20th Century Women vs. 21st Century Women”